Keeping a Positive Mindset

Often we can lose our motivation due to the tedious experiences that life presents us with. Or, occasionally we can lose our motivation for no specific reason. Moving onto another chapter in your life, or in your current book, can be more exciting when we know the reward of completing it. Facing our goals can be overwhelming, but having a vision of completing those tasks can carry us out of an unproductive mindset.

Be Thankful 

A good memory, a lesson, a difficult time, an experience, anything. Being appreciative is the most pleasing feeling in the world. Nothing feels better than appreciating what life presents us with. There are so many people, moments, and memories to be thankful for, and it can always begin the second you wake up each morning.

Write Down Your Main Tasks

All days are worth making the most of. I never knew the power of waking up early, but I am so thankful that I do now. Every night, I make sure I write down what I want to accomplish for the next day. Having these tasks written down creates a reminder of goals. Having so many hours in a day allows you to accomplish what you need while knowing how to manage time is what can get the best of you. Being able to manage time is true mastery.’

Time is Not On Your Side

Everyone can enhance their time management skills, and it will take dedication to do so. Having a schedule is the most helpful way to make an overview of how much time you have. I never used to have any sense of urgency or ambition to complete things as I do now. By simply using a schedule and writing a list daily, I now finish my tasks timely.

Make More Time

Your day is worth so much more than you consider. Waking up earlier will make more time to spend on yourself, so you don’t lose motivation throughout the day. Having more flexibility in the morning means you won’t have to feel as pressed for time. Just by having another hour in the morning, I felt I didn’t crave as many breaks throughout the day. With time-blocking and committing myself to dedicated hours to do specific tasks, I found that my breaks were more appreciated.

Create Dedicated Timeframes

Working hard in the time that is dedicated to a specific task, will have you feeling more relieved and grateful when you have a break. Taking breaks is important, but we usually want longer breaks, which will throw you off your schedule. Knowing when you will have your break, will have you staying motivated until you can make it to the next. I suggest setting an alarm for an hour. Also, arrange what you will do during your break to make the most of it. Try to accomplish as much as you can in that timeframe, and then take a break to refresh your mind.

Use a Schedule 

Motivation comes in waves. The control we have over ourselves also comes in waves. Knowing your result can be tough when you feel that you’re nowhere close to it. However, using a schedule and journaling your progress will have you staying in touch with your progress. With a day of hard work, the next day you may be more flexible.

Feel Accomplished 

Always remember that your hard work and dedication will allow you to feel more accomplished. This will lead to taking breaks without worrying about what you still need to accomplish during the day. Lately, I’ve been more mindful of how I spend my days. So many hours in a day, and I used to think I had so little time. It is so important to know how to manage it. With everything going on in my life, along with the things I want to accomplish on the side, I truly felt that planning my next day the night before has helped tremendously.

Encourage Yourself

Writing it down wasn’t enough for me to be motivated enough to complete it. Not only writing a list but writing how I will feel after getting it done, is what keeps me going. A list is a list, and it’s not always encouraging to look at. Even when you write a list of things to do, it will remind you in the morning of what you should get done, but will it motivate you? I used to go with the flow of my day and go along with the hours passing by. The next thing I’d know, it was late in the evening and there were so many things that I wanted to do.

Take a Few Minutes the Night Before 

Taking a few minutes, the night before, or the week before, has me getting things done a lot more efficiently. Not only writing down a list of tasks you need to do but taking note of how great it will feel when you have completed it motivational. My suggestion to you is to not only write a list of tasks but also include the true benefits of getting them done.

By Anja Hamilton

Anja Hamilton is an aspiring entrepreneur who is also growing a personal brand on social media. She is a social media manager for a marketing agency while studying business administration, specializing in marketing management. Anja plans on making the most of her online presence while inspiring other creators and business owners to do the same.

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