Welcome! Here you can stay updated on all my latest posts and creations. I hope to inspire you through my passion for marketing and the ambition I have to grow my personal brand. I share a variety of content such as my latest outfits, travel destinations, favourite brands, current reads, amazing restaurants, and much more. In the marketing industry and through social media, I have met so many great people and absolutely love growing a community. 

As a Vancouver based content creator and entrepreneur, I have developed social media strategy skills to produce audience centred, organized, and influential business content. Being unique and engaging drives all businesses to stand out online, and I am passionate about making that happen. Aside from being a content creator, I am a social media manager and a business administration student, specializing in marketing management. 

I plan on making the most of my online presence while inspiring other creators and business owners to do the same. I originally started creating content as a hobby, and now I’m taking my ventures to the next level! In the last few years, I’ve been able to tie my studies, social media, and creativity together to now work with reputable businesses. Taking on new opportunities in the marketing field is one of my new favourite things!